weight loss success road sign

Reading other peoples stories can be very motivational. Just knowing that you are NOT alone with this battle can give you that psychological edge to finish, start or continue your diet. Weight loss does not happen overnight and can take time. The first week can be very motivational, as you can see immediate results. These results are usually short lived, sometimes from a reduction in water weight from eating less sodium. But then after a couple weeks you notice the numbers on the scale don't move quite as easily as they did before. You begin to doubt and hit a wall. What to do?

First of all, you're not alone! We all hit those walls. For some, its all about stopping and strategically thinking about your diet. You could spend some time trying to figure out your specific body caloric intake using a bmr or rmr calculator, but it does not address the heart of the issue. One of the key factors in getting over that wall is accountability and getting motivated. Motivation can come through many different avenues, but the best is seeing others peoples success. How did they do it? How did they stay on track and not raiding the refrigerator at 10pm?

This page is dedicated to all those who have struggled or have won their battle with weight loss and would like to share their story with everyone else. If you have been struggling with dieting and can't seem to get anywhere, this page is for you. If you have ever dieted and met your goal and want to help others with your story, this page is for you. Share what worked and what didn't. Did you try a specific diet or what was it a lifestyle change? What were the ups and downs like and what finally motivated you to stick to your diet and meet your weight loss goals?

Do You Have A Weight Loss Success Story?