A Daily Calorie Limit is the number of calories consumed daily to meet a weight loss goal. This is based on calorie restriction. Setting this limit will allow you to be more conscious of how many calories you consume per day, which will give you an overall advantage meeting your weight loss goals. Your recommended calorie intake is derived from [...]

I was in the Navy for eight years, stationed out of San Diego, California. We would frequently stop off in Mazatlan Mexico for our liberty port visits. I always looked forward to visiting Mexico [...]
There should not be much of mystery on how we gain belly fat, but being able to lose belly fat naturally is another story. We all know the drill: Diet and Exercise. Yet, you can walk into a gym and watch overweight people exercise vigorously on treadmills and machines and [...]
Were not talking about chicken thighs, although a few less of those may help. Were talking about thigh fat. Thigh fat can greatly increase the cellulite factor in your legs, giving them that nice cottage cheese look. yum. Some woman and men for that point, dont mind [...]