The world is becoming very health conscious and the more medical science discovers, more people are making better educational choices when it comes to health. People are choosing to walk over driving and grilled fish rather than greasy burgers. Nevertheless, losing, gaining or maintaining your weight often seems difficult, especially without the right tools. Simply put, there are several factors that affects a person's weight, one of the most important is an individual's Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. In fact, understanding a BMR may help one maintain an ideal weight and make healthier lifestyle choices. Using a bmr calculator will help give you that additional intelligence to turn the tide in your weight loss battle. More information can be found in the published study "A Biometric Study Of Basal Metabolism In Man".

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Why Use a Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator?

The most health conscious of individuals knows there is a time to play, to work out and to rest. The latter is where the BMR comes into play. BMR is the energy or calories the body needs to continuing functioning when resting, which is very similar to your RMR. More to the point, it is the energy needed for normal bodily functions, such as breathing, pumping blood, maintaining your body temperature and even digesting food. So how does BMR affect your weight? People continue to burn calories even when they are resting. In truth, most of the calories burned during the day is thanks to your BMR, which can account for up 60 to 70% of the total calories burned in a single day. Understanding this key piece of information can give you an insight into what your body needs to survive and what you can do to gain, maintain and even lose weight.

Affecting your basal metabolic rate
People know losing, gaining or maintaining weight is not simply a matter of exercise and diet. The truth is, there are a number of factors that affect your weight, including activity, sleep patterns, diet and body types. Fortunately, determining one's BMR is simply a matter of using a basal metabolic rate calculator, which can help in determine how many calories one can safely burn to gain, maintain or lose weight. That being said, it is important to know what affects your BMR. Some things simply are not within your control, such as genetics, age, glands, body surface area, or height, and gender. However, people can change other affecting factors, including your weight, diet, exercise body temperature, body fat percentage and exposure to external temperatures. The area to focus on are the factors that you can control, this helps to control your weight with far more success and ease.

Things to Do and Not Do
The first thing you should do is some general health information gathering which will help get you started on the right path to your ideal weight safely and healthy. While online calculators are ideal for quick info, always consult a doctor before starting any diet. A crash diet is never a good idea. Not only are they generally unhealthy, they can cause one to lose weight too fast along with muscle. The end result is you will likely lower your metabolism. Exercise, on the other hand, not only raises your metabolism but provides one with the desired results. In conclusion, using a good bmr calculator to get started, begin a weekly exercise regimen and start losing that stubborn belly fat which will give you an overall healthier life style.

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